PEI Electricity


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This website shows the current total electricity load on Prince Edward Island compared to the current total local wind energy generation and local fossil fuel generation. All are measured in megawatts (MW).

The gray arrows above each column indicate whether the current value is higher or lower than the previous report.

The gray lines above each column are the peak values today, with the number and peak time displayed above.

The original data is updated every 15 minutes and comes from Maritime Electric by way of the Province of PEI website.

The peak electricity load in recent years has been higher than 320 MW and generally occurs during the heart of the winter heating season in January.

The portion of the load that is not met by wind and or from local fossil-fuelled generation is met either by electricity imported by submarine cable from New Brunwswick.

To learn more about electricity load and generation on PEI, consult the report of the PEI Energy Commission from 2012.

The chart is drawn with jCanvas and the site uses the jQuery Mobile framework.

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